1. Mangoes are a _____ fruit here in Taiwan; most of them reach their peak of sweetness in July. 

    (A) mature (B) usual (C) seasonal (D) particular。

2. Writing term papers and giving oral reports are typical course _____ for college students. 

    (A) requirements (B) techniques (C) situations (D) principles

3. If we work hard to _____ our dreams when we are young, we will not feel that we missed out on  something when we get old. 

    (A) distribute (B) fulfill (C) convince (D) monitor 

4. Few people will trust you if you continue making _____ promises and never make efforts to keep them. 

    (A) chilly (B) liberal (C) hollow (D) definite 

5. Becky _____ her ankle while she was playing tennis last week. Now it still hurts badly. 

    (A) slipped (B) dumped (C) twisted (D) recovered 



一、中 譯 英 ( 占 8 分 ) 


    1. 近年來,有越來越多超級颱風,通常造成嚴重災害。 

    2. 颱風來襲時,我們應準備足夠的食物,並待在室內,若有必要,應迅速移動至安全的地方。


In recent years, there have been more and more super typhoons, which usually cause serious damage.

When a typhoon strikes, we should prepare enough food, stay indoors, and move to safe places quickly if necessary.


二、英 文 作 文 ( 占 2 0 分 ) 

說明︰依提示在「答案卷」上寫一篇英文作文。 文長至少120個單詞(words)。

提示︰排隊雖是生活中常有的經驗,但我們也常看到民眾因一時好奇或基於嘗鮮心理而出現大排 長龍(form a long line)的現象,例如景點初次開放或媒體介紹某家美食餐廳後,人們便蜂 擁而至。請以此種一窩蜂式的「排隊現象」為題,寫一篇英文作文。第一段,以個人、親友 的經驗或報導所聞為例,試描述這種排隊情形;第二段,說明自己對此現象的心得或感想