2017 DSE Biology suggested answer 生物科答案 + 感想


Paper 1A    ( 內裡答案不代表 DSE00 答案 )
Whole set official marking

1      CBAAA   6      CCBAD
11    DBABA   16    DCDBB
21    BCDCA   26    DCACD
31    DDCBA   36    A


2.        There are intestinal amylase.
3.         At the "beginning", maltose is absent 
           Enzyme is protein and give positive result in protein test.
4.         Tube P is a control set-up    (not sure)
14.       The measurement is cutting the shoot until color appear. So the water level is not  a concern.
17.       Support of a 'leaf’
21.       Embryo cell not likely enlarge in a such small space.
31.       P is region of differentiation but not elongation.


做左 MC,感覺上唔難,係頭幾條有 D tricky 之外,其他個D都好直路,如果 LQ 程度同 MC 一樣,Cufoff 應該會上升 1~2 分。