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  技巧 1  



Rhetorical Questions

Have you ever imagined that your every move is under supervision? Indeed, some applications are tailored for surveillance purposes which parents might resort to for the sake of keeping an eye on their children's online activities, ranging from their messages to their website traffic. Apparently, the installation of such programs is an intrusion on children's privacy, sparking off disputes between parents and children.
(Modified from DSE 2016 Q4)

  技巧 2  


而比較特別既係,我地唔單單用生活例子同時事議題做引入,更加可以援引事實數據(唔一定要好準確,無人會查證,合理就可以啦)黎論證,情況就如中文既論說文章一樣。句式上我地會多用relative clauses黎加插額外資訊(雖然係小學初中學既,但用到就會加好多分)。段落末我地唔需要Therefore, I agree/disagree that ...,而係直接對應上述議題say Yes/No


Current news / recent findings 

On the two sides of Victoria Harbour are a number of temporary promenades and parks which are yet to be developed. The government has recently proposed setting up world-class shopping malls as well as financial centres along these parts of our habour front, while some activist groups rejected the proposal in favour of development of public space, which currently constitutes to only less than 10% of useful land in Hong Kong, according to government statistics. Is it really beneficial to the well-being of society as a whole if the harbour front is solely for commercial use? The answer is an absolute no.

(Modified from DSE 2015 Q5)