Chemistry 化學 (高級)

Unit 3A Fossil Fuels and Carbon Compunds (化石燃料和碳化合物 )

1.      Warm house gas include CO2, CH4, CCl2F, NO and O3.
温室氣體有CO2, CH4, CCl2F, NO and O3.

2.      Polystyrene is a packing material

36. Which statements concerning polystyrene is/are correct?
(1) It is a condensation polymer.
(2) It can be remoulded.
(3) It can be used to make packaging material for electrical appliances.
A.   (1) only.
B.   (2) only.
C.   (1) and (3) only
D.   (2) and (3) only 
                                                                                               ANS: D

3.       Leaded petrol is being banned in Hong Kong

47.                   statement 1
The use of leaded petrol has been banned in Hong Kong

statement 2
Lead compounds in car exhaust can cause damage to human brains.
                                                                                                                          AND: B

4.      Hard water is a water containing Ca2+, Mg2+. They will form ppt with anion of detergent.

29. Which of the following substances is/are responsible for the hardness of water?
(1) Sodium chloride.
(2) Calcium chloride.
(3) Potassium chloride.
(4) Magnesium chloride.
A.   (1) only.
B.   (2) only.
C.   (1) and (3) only
D.   (2) and (4) only
                                                                                                        ANS: D